Infographic: Box Office Blowouts

Those who closely watch box office returns were no doubt impressed in 2019 when Avengers: Endgame brought in staggering amounts of money in ticket sales, almost $2.8 billion. With a budget of $400 million, its actual return on investment was 698%. That’s a sizeable return, but it’s hardly a record.

When low-budget art house/indie movies and documentaries hit big, their returns quickly soar into the thousands of percents. The 2007 horror movie Paranormal Activity is a prime example of that, earning almost $200M on a scant $15K budget, or a 12000% return on investment.

On the flipside, when movies with an average size budget (by Hollywood’s standards) bomb, the loss is staggering. To see the all the biggest box office returns winners and losers, check out the nearby infographic Illuminate has created.

Infographic bearing box office return on investment data

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