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As interest in octopus as a food source grows, whether to farm them has become a subject of debate.

Click on the button below for a brief look at the stats on the worldwide octopus industry, and sentiment in the US about eating them.


With almost 20 years of experience in design and research, we provide intelligent, beautiful data visualization for market research.​

WHy visualize your data?

Make complex ideas understandable

Tell the complete story of your research in an approachable, straightforward and visually beautiful way, without a painfully long deck.

Set the right tone and course for progress.

We can help ensure that no matter how you present your insights, your work remains focused on the most important details, and expresses urgency clearly, where it is needed most.

Captivate your audience

Visually compelling storytelling keeps your insights out of the weeds and keeps the key stakeholders alert to the insights you have to share. No yawns or watch-checking here!

Easily socialize findings

Whether in the next cubicle or another country, sharing insights across a company can be a challenge if the findings aren’t portable. We can craft custom, scalable solutions to ensure that everyone who needs to know can easily access and benefit from your knowledge.

Inspire meaningful action

Insights without action serve no purpose, but action without focus can do more harm than good. We can create resources that motivate stakeholders to become informed advocates for the action your research recommends.

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