Custom Icons: Why Create Them?

We all use icons, but not all icons are created equal.

A hodgepodge of stock icons you found on the internet will likely hurt your presentation deck or infographic more than they will help it. They don’t fit with each other, they don’t support your brand, and they tell an incomplete story. The result is a lower opinion of – and therefore lower engagement with – the information you’re presenting.

Here are a few good reasons for designing visually unified iconography for your marketing & presentations.

1. Greater Cohesion

Unify your piece with icons that are all in the same visual style, a style that supports your brand and/or the message you’re conveying.

2. More Specificity

Icons that are custom-designed for your specific use tell a richer, more precise story, which better educates your audience.

3. Increased Interest

Novel imagery captivates in a way that stock icons cannot. Beauty will keep your audience focused on your important content.

Tell the whole story with custom icons, tell it beautifully, and you’ll see better results.

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