LaBelle Winery: Educating About Winemaking

Winemaking Infographic

LaBelle Winery in Amherst, New Hampshire prides itself on being a winery that educates its guests while serving them some of the best wine and food in the region. To help further their commitment to education, we created a large infographic display that explains their step-by-step process to winemaking, from tending their grapevines all the way through to serving a glass in one of their tasting rooms.

To create this piece, we had to break down each step of the process to understand and make clear what happens in each. This included examining every part of the sophisticated bottling and labeling equipment.

This piece appears in two places at LaBelle: one on the wall in the vestibule of their Derry, NH restaurant, Americus, and another in the gallery space of The Bistro in their Amherst location. While guests wait to be seated or while enjoying a meal, they can learn how the wine in their glass was created.

The Attention Span

The attention span of your audience can be a major obstacle in ensuring your insights are heard, understood and embraced. It’s a delicate balance between capturing the full story and keeping people engaged. By creating beautiful, concise executive decks and compelling explainer videos, we can help present your story in a way that does both.

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Beer: Interactive Infographic

Click on any of the hotspots below to learn more.

Ten Years of American Beer

In this sample, the hotspots reveal visualized data. This allows viewers to drill down and learn more about each point in the infographic in an exploratory, non-linear fashion. Depending on the study type and the assets on hand, you could also provide open end responses or verbatims, images of the provided stimulus, video highlights from field work, or explain key findings from the study.

In the event you have a great deal more information to share on a certain point or points, hot spots can link to full pages, each with their own text and media. This ability enables your infographic to become a hub for a wealth of beautiful, easily shareable information.

For sensitive and proprietary data, we can enable password protection for the entire experience.

Rise of the Cobots

As artificial intelligence makes robots smarter, they are learning to work together with humans to perform more sophisticated tasks. This collaborative approach, cobotics, isn’t just becoming more integrated in advanced manfacturing, either. Cobots are assisting doctors in healing patients, bringing precision to farming and agriculture, and even aiding in law enforcement. But don’t worry; the machines aren’t coming for all the jobs. In fact, AI, machine learning and cobotics has yielded a net increase in jobs.